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Hours of Classical Music at
the Tips of Your Fingers

The rich and passionate performances of Camerata Pacifica are the heartbeat of The Nightingale Channel. Curated concerts, individual pieces, artist profiles, and engaging discussions brought to life by the virtuosity and dedication of these world-class musicians. It is their artistry and commitment that continues to inspire and uplift our audiences.

The Nightingale Channel is an evolution of Camerata Pacifica’s live performances; the embodiment of artistic excellence and musical passion. For over three decades, Camerata Pacifica has embraced a non-profit mission that begins with a simple yet powerful objective: “to affect positively how people experience live performances of classical music.”

The artists of Camerata Pacifica are representative of the world’s finest musicians, a roster of highly personable virtuosi whose performances are characterized by intimate venues, innovative programming and dynamic, memorable concert presentations.

While the world of chamber music is vast and eclectic, its music is written for small groups, demanding an intimacy and transparency lost in the scale of larger performances. Camerata Pacifica’s commitment to this intimacy is the cornerstone of their artistic approach, and it particularly lends itself to video recording, resulting in the compelling programming of The Nightingale Channel.

Curated Programs

Concert programs and introductions created by Camerata Pacifica Artistic Director, Adrian Spence.

Artist Profiles: The Faces Behind the Music

Discover the captivating stories and extraordinary talent of the artists who bring classical music to life on The Nightingale Channel.

Panel Discussions: Deep Insights Unveiled

Experts gather for dynamic discussions on what makes this composer to influential, even today.

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